Saturday, June 23, 2007


Vancouver, WA was a stopping point for Lewis & Clark in 1806 heading west to the Pacific. Later the Hudson Bay Company from England settled in that area. Later the US laid claim to the area. Eventual settlements gave the land to the U.S. Today Ft Vancouver continues.

We have visited now the beginning and the end of the Oregon Trail -- almost 2000 miles of plains, mountains, and numerous water crossings. The determination, stamina and dreams of the pioneers always amaze us. Oregon City, OR is the End of the Oregon Trail. They left Independence, MO early April (as soon as grass was growing enough to feed the animals along the way) traveling 6 months to arrive in Oregon before winter began. Time 1840's. Glad we are modern day travelers.......

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RV Paces-Sue & Ken said...

We just left there in Aug. we were in Gresham, OR doing a Habitat build. We did some sightseeing and End of the OR Trail was great. Such a great interpretive center. We had great weather. Mt. Hood was lovely every day. Looks like you had good weather too.
Sue Pace